Say Goodbye to Downtime Keep your SAP services up and running with SUSE

Uptime Matters

SUSE solutions for SAP – Keep your SAP services up

Your organization depends on your SAP S/4HANA systems for a consistent, 360-degree view of customer buying habits, expectations and sentiment; you turn this data into actionable insight along the supply chain to the customer point of service.

But unplanned outages and manual failover processes are disruptive, labor-intensive, time-consuming and costly.

They can shut down production lines, abort transactions or even bring your core business to a standstill, impacting your productivity, revenues and reputation, while increasing costs and putting more pressure on the IT staff, which restricts your ability to deliver innovative services and solutions.

In order to optimize productivity and revenues while enabling innovation you need an infrastructure that helps you achieve near 100% uptime of your SAP HANA systems.

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