Veritas®- Get More Out Of Office 365 Archiving Integrate Veritas™ Enterprise Vault.Cloud

Get more out of your Office 365 archiving

Remove the limitations of your Office 365 archiving and eDiscovery with Veritas™ Enterprise Vault.Cloud

Veritas™ Enterprise Vault.Cloud provides the additional layer you need to defensively archive and retrieve messages from multiple platforms, including SharePoint, Chatter, and your Exchange server into a single, independent repository.

By ensuring the integrity of each message archived, Veritas™ Enterprise Vault.

Cloud fulfils your business and legal requirements to retain electronic information securely – and for the long-term.

  • Find and retrieve communications from any date range faster.
  • Save time with self-service archival access for legal, HR and other teams
  • Remove the eDiscovery burden from IT

The Perfect Companion for Microsoft® Office 365, Veritas™ Enterprise Vault.Cloud’s seamless and automatic integration with Office 365 happens totally in the Cloud. This means there is no hardware or software to install and maintain – which translates to low upfront investment and lower TCO.

Office 365 Archiving
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