SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud Quick Start Reference Deployment

SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud

Quick Start Reference Deployment


SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database and application platform that provides high-performance analytics and real-time data processing.

The AWS Cloud provides a suite of infrastructure services that enable you to deploy SAP HANA in a highly available, fault-tolerant, and affordable way. By deploying this solution on the AWS Cloud, you can take advantage of the functionality of SAP HANA along with the flexibility and security of AWS.

This Quick Start helps you rapidly deploy fully functional SAP HANA systems on the AWS Cloud, following best practices from AWS and SAP.

The Quick Start ensures that Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and the operating system—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)—are optimally configured to achieve the best performance for your SAP HANA system right out of the box.

This Quick Start supports the R3, R4, R5, and X1 instance families as well as Amazon EC2 High Memory instances with 6 TB, 9 TB, 12 TB, 18 TB, and 24 TB of memory, to boost the performance of large-scale, memory-intensive SAP HANA workloads on AWS.

To learn more about High Memory instances, see the Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances webpage. To learn more about X1 instances, see Amazon EC2 X1 Instances and the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

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